Friday, August 15, 2014

Daily Painting in Maine - playing with Peonies

I have been working on some paintings of peonies the last few days for a new gallery.

 I always enjoy trying different techniques on flower paintings. I haven't found there is just one way to paint them... yet.

Posing Peonies

This one I painted the flower first building up to the light. Then even though the background was toned, I painted the background darker around then flowers.

Standing Out
The second one was a different approach. I toned the dark background first, then painted the lightest lights of the flowers.

 Either way I had an enjoyable time playing with peonies.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Daily painting in Maine- Castine plein air day three

Sorry about the delay in getting this posted.
Day three of the Castine Plein Air Festival:
There was only time for  half a day of painting and the rest of the day was filled with framing  and photographing the paintings, washing up and eating.

I finally was able to finish the yellow house in the morning.

And I went back and finished the painting from the first rainy day.

Squinting to see the values or was I just making faces?

The  finished work.  Sold four, met a lot of nice people and learned  so much. Can't wait to do it again.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Daily Painting in Maine - Castine Plein air Festival - Day 2

Waking up at 5:00 AM is the norm for us each day and with the promise of sunshine all day long I was really looking forward to getting an early start the second day of the festival. I knew the first thing to do was finish the yellow house from the previous rain-out. 
 However, the art gods were working against me. After packing the truck, I discovered the exhaust pipe had broken in two and it sounded like a motorcycle gang warming up  a dozen Harleys. So, instead of capturing the light that morning, I had to wait and capture a garage full of sleepy eyed mechanics at the shop. Luckily they could weld  the pipe back together and I was off before 10AM.

By the time I arrived it was too late to paint the yellow house so I found this little view.
Thimble House
It's called the thimble house because way back in time, a writer purchased the property and the very large house that went with it. But  this author was reported to be a very tiny person. So she lived and worked in this little shack because she was so small.

After lunch I completed the roses. This photo is the first day's  progress. I had framed the painting the night before and worked on it with the frame attached... very daring.
I had finished my painting and was packing up just as another artist wanted  to paint the same scene. I thought it was great to see what she would  do,  so I simply moved over a few feet and turned  to paint the porch side of the same house and the hydrangea bushes.
 The Porch sold
We had so much fun... she eventually bought the painting.

The festival scheduled a  get-together cocktail party on the second day for the sponsors, hosts, and artists. ( just at the  perfect time to catch the late afternoon light)  So, after a brief  walk and talk and munching on some tasty h'orderves, I headed out for one last painting of the day.

In Good Company sold

We'll continue tomorrow  with the wrap up three 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Daily Painting in Maine - The Castine Plein Air Festival

What a wonderful experience. My first three day plein air event. The town of Castine put on a beautiful display for us. The gardens alone in this historic seaside village will stop anyone in their tracks. I completed eight paintings and entered all of them. 

The first morning it poured rain but I stood out there painting under two umbrellas trying to get this yellow house. I quit after getting  the underpainting and getting soaked in the process. 

 Bungalow (Fisherman's Cottage)

After stripping off my wet shoes and socks and drying them  by blasting the heater in the truck, the rain let up a bit but the skies stayed gray the  remainder on the morning. So I managed to find shelter in a boathouse and paint the yellow canopy of the local restaurant.

Rained Out SOLD
 I struggled on this one and went back to finish it on the last day.

After lunch the sun came out and the humidity vanished. The third painting of the day was my favorite. A row of multi-flora roses that cried out to be painted.

Show Stopper SOLD

It took two after noons to complete this one.

The last painting of the first day was going to be a sunset  of course, but...

Cloud Trail
  I had an hour before the sun was setting, so I turned around and painted this scene while I waited.

Finally the last painting of the first day

 Evening Sigh
 But the night wasn't over.  I  drove home, cleaned up (myself and my brushes)  and got ready to  do it again in the morning.
To Be  Continued...

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

daily painting in Maine - Schoodic waves

I often play a lot of music while I paint in the studio.  For seascapes I paint to Vienna waltzes,  Cape Breton fiddle or  Celtic fiddle. I'm not sure why but they remind me of the sea.

Here's the development so far of my latest seascape. (16x20)

First,  rough in the forms.

Next, develop the darks or shadows.

Now add color. I'm paying more attention to values and  color temperature at this point. Lots of color notes get  dotted in to see how they will work.

Not much  progress here. This might be where the fiddle music comes in... I'm starting to fiddle with  the wave too much. Time to step back and organize my approach for the next phase.